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Rep High Vibe wherever you go with our emblem stickers. Black vinyl, 3" diameter.                                 Stick 'em on your board, your car, or  your grandma; stick 'em everywhere!

About our Emblem:

Our logo, Awen, is a Welsh word for "(poetic) inspiration." In Neo-Druidism, the symbol stands not only for inspiration, but the inspiration of truth. There are 3 foundation to Awen: the understanding of truth, the love of truth, and the maintaining of truth. We here at High Vibe Society not only aim to create a vibrant art community, but to also infuse that community with high moral values and an elevated spirituality. We want our community to be creative, loving, and altruistic. We aim for our larger community to reflect our shared ethics for how we treat ourselves, our Earth and each other. #ourtribeishighvibe